Metastabile Balance

酒 ANT!FOTO Premiere
Release: Metastabile Balance

Sven Vieweg, Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber
Thu, June 17, 2021 / 18 – 22 CET»»

»Metastabile Balance« includes:
»Scan — Copy/Copy — Scan« 2 unique Xerox Prints
by Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber, numbered and signed
»Transparent People« Soundflakes on 2 infinite cassettes

by Sven Vieweg
in a box: 225 x 313 x 20 mm
ed. of #15 copies, numbered and signed
1-5: 180 EUR; #6-10: 220 EUR; #11-15: 280 EUR

The event takes place in the virtual ANT!FOTO Bar on Mozilla Hubs.
Some information to participate:
Better use a Computer/Laptop.
Better use Firefox or Chrome.
Better use a headphone or headset.
You can choose and name an avatar to enter the space.
As a courtesy to other guests please use a clear name.
If you want to talk and interact with other visitors you have to grant Microphone permission when you enter the room. You can mute it later.
To move you avatar you can use the arows on your keyboard or Q, E, W and S.

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