Support the upcoming ANT!FOTO Magazine #7
about Photography, Street & City, Music & Street Culture
with: Paul Grund, Myr Muratet, Hannah Darabi & Benoit Grimbert, DJ Sundae, Natacha Nisic and many more.

Dear Friends and Supporters of ANT!FOTO Magazine, We are very excited to announce a fundraising event and crowdfunding campaign for the much-anticipated ANT!FOTO Magazine #7.

Sat. & Sun. Dec 9 & Dec 10, 2023, from 3-8 pm.
Studio Böhm Kobayashi, Ronsdorfer Str. 77a, 40233 Düsseldorf

Our Roots:
ANT!FOTO‘s journey began in 2010 with a remarkable group exhibition and a series of engaging talks and lectures in Düsseldorf. From those early days, ANT!FOTO has continued to evolve and thrive. Over the years, we have proudly showcased several thought-provoking exhibitions, crafted a compelling Manifesto that reflects our artistic spirit, and brought captivating magazines to life. We‘ve even created some virtual ANT!FOTO events during the pandemic and a mobile ANT!FOTO Bar.

Our Mission:
ANT!FOTO Magazine is more than just a publication; it‘s a celebration of photography, art and culture. Each edition delves deep into a unique theme, featuring long interviews with photographers, artists, curators, writers, or musicians. Past contributors include names like Beni Bischof, Dean Same-
shima, Taiyo Onorato/Nico Krebs; Ryudai Takano, Lieko Shiga, Stephen Gill, Adrian Sauer, Juergen Staack, Laura Bielau, Olivier Cablat, Jason Evans or Ted Partin.

The recent issues included texts and interviews about photography and space or about photography, music and fashion with Marc Feustel, Regine Ehleiter, Christoph Hochhäusler, Felix Hoffmann, Emilie Lauriola, Lesley A. Martin & Yurie Nagashima, Kyoichi Tsuzuki, Andrzej Steinbach or Tolouse Lowtrax.

You can read and download all previous editions of the ANT!FOTO Magazine for free on our website:»»

Why We Need Your Support:
Your support is not only essential for us to create ANT!FOTO Magazine #7, but it is also vital for maintaining the heartbeat of this project. We‘ve decided to make some changes for the new edition. We are committed to publishing everything in English to reach a wider audience. We want t return to printing in color and of course we want to compensate every artist who contributes
a text or a photograph. However, recent changes in funding have made it challenging to realize our vision.

Fund Allocation:

  • Printing Costs: To ensure the magazine‘s high-quality production
  • Fees for Artists: To fairly compensate the talented contributors
  • Translation / Proofreading: For an English-only publication
  • Layout, Prepress: To make this magazine happen
  • Launch Event during Düsseldorf photo+

Total Funding Goal: 5.500,- EUR

How You Can Help:
Your support will not only make this edition possible but will also contribute to the continued growth of ANT!FOTO Magazine as a vital platform for artistic expression. Please consider making a contribution and sharing this campaign with your friends, family, and fellow art enthusiasts.
In return for your generosity, we have an array of rewards ranging from 25,– to 500,– EUR. These include opportunities such as having your name featured in the magazine, receiving exquisite small prints, gaining access to exclusive special editions, acquiring beautifully framed images, and much more. Your contribution helps us bring art to life!

We are very grateful for your support, and together, we will make ANT!FOTO Magazine #7 a reality. Thank you for supporting us.

The first fundraising event will happen in Düsseldorf
on Sat. & Sun. Dec 9 & Dec 10, 2023 from 3-8 pm.
There will also be an online crowdfunding-campaign.

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